Boiling water freezes into stunning display

Boiling water freezes into a stunning display.

A man releases a rat in McDonalds

A man releases a rat in McDonalds.

Man looking at his phone falls into a manhole

A man looking at his phone falls into a manhole.

Machete wielding clowns fought off by couple with kids scooter

A husband and wife teamed up to fend off two men wearing clown masks who tried to rob them with a machete, according to police.

Rocky Lockridge on Intervention

Former boxing champ Rocky Lockridge appears on Intervention.

Heavy metals like arsenic and lead found in 45 packaged fruit juices

A new report out says some popular fruit juices may contain heavy metal contaminants like lead, arsenic, and cadmium. Consumer Reports tested 45 packaged fruit juices and found mea...

Motorcycle accident fail

A man motorcycle tricks gone wrong.

Student gets killed by block of ice (Warning graphic)

A student gets hit with a block of ice and dies.

Guy confronts scamming influencer

Guy dresses up and confronts scamming influencer.

College student finds man living in her closet

A student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro found a man inside her closet, wearing her clothes, after repeatedly noticing her belongings misplaced or missing.