Woman fills up tank for $.29

A woman in Arizona was able to fill her tank up for .$29.

Racist woman starts assaults Asian woman on subway

White Racist woman starts beating Asian woman with an umbrella and calling her racial slurs after bumping into her on the New York subway.

Free money on New Jersey highway

Money rained down on a New Jersey highway Thursday morning, leading to several crashes as motorists stopped and scrambled to pick up the cash.

Boy gets punched in the face

Two boys playing around gets punched in the face.

Crazy dock accident (Warning graphic)

The driver was identified as Fernando Pacaldo, who was arrested but was declared dead on arrival at the hospital.

Teenager shot during live stream (Warning graphic)

A 13-year-old teenager was shot on Friday night in the Bom Jardim neighborhood of Fortaleza, when he was in a beauty parlor cutting his hair. All of the action was recorded in a vi...

Man gets ran over by car (Warning graphic)

A man gets ran over by a car during a scuffle.

Bike stunt fail (Warning graphic)

A guy attempts to perform a bike stunt and fails.

Man snatches elderly woman’s purse and runs her over

Man snatches elderly woman's purse and runs her over.

Angry man rips off MTA bus wing mirror

An irate man who ‘wasn’t let on a bus’ blocked it from moving before ripping off its wing mirror and windscreen wiper.